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The 10 best running shoes for men

Here is a list of the 10 best running shoes for men. This list does not take into account  what running shoe category a person best function. When we recommend running shoes, we...

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Pandemic foot problems

Unfortunately, during this pandemic, I have observed an uptick of new patients who have developed foot problems while working from home. Going barefoot without footwear has been...

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We are open for business

Whitby Family Footcare is pleased to announce we are open for business. Thank you for your patience during the last 3 months. The resumption of footcare services must follow...

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Covid-19 Update

The premier of Ontario on the recommendation of the medical officer of health for Ontario has recommended that all Chiropody/Podiatry clinics suspend all non  urgent services...

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Do you need new foot orthoses?

My colleague Mark Bradley @podiatryassociates discussed "Do I need new orthotics". I agree with his post. We promote the same protocol at our office in Whitby. Do I need new...

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New exercise for #plantarfasciitis

A recent study published in the Scandanvian Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports found that the following simple strength-training exercise provides more relief than...

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