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Walking and Standing Foot Pressure Measurement

The Metascan™ pressure mat system

The Metascan™ pressure mat system is used to gather force and pressure information from the bottom of your foot while your are walking, running or standing. This valuable information can be use  in writing a prescription for a foot orthotics in difficult cases.

The pressure information can be use to help to evaluate the amount of time each part of the bottom of the foot is contacting the ground. The foot is in contact with the ground for approximately 1/2 second. The effect of the leg  and upper body passing from behind the planted foot to in-front of foot at toe off will register as pressure data.

Any deviation of the leg passing over the foot will be demonstrated as:

  1.  increased or decreased pressures underneath the foot or
  2. a change in the centre of pressure flowing throught the foot or
  3. a decrease or increase in time spent in areas underneath the foot

The readout from the Metascan™  pressure measurement system is helpful in illustrating where the areas of excessive pressure underneath the foot are located. The areas of high pressure are illustrated by the colour red.  This helpful in the screening of patients with diabetes to illustrate their areas of excessive pressure underneath their feet. These high pressure areas could breakdown leading to skin ulceration.  It is important to identify these areas as it identifies a high risk diabetic patient.

The Metascan™ can illustrate:
  1. Leg length discrepancies
  2. Postural deviations in alignment, movement pattern and body symmetry
  3. Postural movement over time which can be replayed for analysis and patient education.
  4. The centre of pressure flowing through the foot from the heel through to the toes is useful for balance training.

The foot pressure information along with the visual or video gait analysis, the weight bearing and non weight bearing physical examination and the patient history are all used to formulate the prescription for a custom made foot orthotic or custom ankle foot orthotic.