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Corns and Callus

Corns and callus are areas of a build up of dead skin leading to thick, hard skin. They usually develop due to rubbing or irritation over a boney prominence.

Callus is an even thickening of the keratinized layers of skin. Callus is formed in response to compressive stress being applied to the skin. A corn is an area of callus which is complicated by a deep central mass or nucleus of cornified cells. This nucleus of cells presses on the nerve endings causing pain. Corns can be caused due to the contraction or compression of the toes. The toes maybe gripping due to an underlying biomechanical foot fault or take on this position because of tight shoes. Corns that occur between the toes are called soft corns. Corns are usually found the tops of toes and the ball of the foot.

Ill fitting shoes provide no room for the toes, leading to rubbing on the tops or sides of the toes. Shoes with a deep toe box will provide more space for the toes and decrease the amount of rubbing on these painful areas. Once the proper shoe is prescribed, the callous or corn may only have to be removed mechanically on a bi-monthly basis.

Removal of callus

Removal of a corn

Removal of Seed Corns

Removal of thick cracked skin around heels.

This is followed by the daily application of emollients on the heels.