Checklist for the running shoe store

  • Bring your shoe prescription and shoe list from our office


  • Wear your preferred running socks during the fitting process.



  • Bring your custom foot orthoses with you to the store for appropriate fitting. Depending on the style of the orthotic, the existing sock liner/insole must be removed of the running shoe to accommodate the orthoses.


  • If foot orthoses is ¾ length without forefoot extensions, using a flat, padded insole under the orthotic may be recommended.


  • Sometimes, an off the shelf running orthotic insole will be recommended with the shoe purchase.


  • Remove the insole from running shoe and make sure the widest part of your foot matches the widest part of the insole and is there a ½ inch space form the longest toe to the end of the insole. Remember to use the width of your index finger.


  • Ask if you can run in the shoes before deciding on the best choice.


  • Ask if you can run in shoes at home on a treadmill before you decide.


  • Try running with one brand on one foot and another brand on the opposite foot for an immediate comparison during running. 


  • Fit and comfort is the ultimate criteria for shoe selection.


  • Styling, colors and weight of the shoe should be secondary factors.


  • Don’t settle for a shoe that is just a little too big or too small simply because you need to buy shoes that day.


  • Finally, if the store does not have the right size available, you should ask the store to order the correct size or go to another store.


Removable insoles

Your running shoes should have removable insoles. This allows for the easy addition of prescription custom foot orthotics